متن آهنگ Simple Happiness از Tony Chen

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Puffing his devil grass suggestive laws have placed that quote on translate

He puckers Os of smoke against the air in kissing so longs translate

Somehow satisfied ‘though his saddened eyes are magnified

This painful stimulation penetrates his deeply fathomed sigh translate

A bellowed cough escapes him reminding him of his weakened state translate

A sacrifice sleepily made above the street’s police brigade

Perched atop his lonely roof he peers below to see its maze translate

And spits upon the sight of it, in spite of this he keeps his gaze translate

A gothic labyrinth of rats and pimps, malicious deviants translate

And maddened men who speak alone and pace amidst its evil translate

The peacefulness of his secret home’s numbingly interrupted

By the sound of music humming from his phone, a friend whose trusted translate

“Aziz.” “Hey I’m in the lab, just finished this concoction

That we spoke about, if you’re in town I reccomend you stop in”

“Of course”. Then it clicked he reminsced of when as kids

They fantasized about the future but bluer is where it’s ended

Whispered murmurs beckon from beneath sneeringly in a huge frown translate

Teasing him of their whereabouts, he wishes he could swoop down translate

But knows that he must take the stairs, skipping steps in couples translate

’til his breath is doubled, once in front his stoop he needs to catch his

Mumbled exhalations halt his chest from racing while he curls out translate

Putting up his music loud enough to block his world’s sounds

Now, selectively perceiving notices a purple dusk translate

And clouds of pearly dust in whirling fluffs dispersed amongst translate

A hazy thought, thinking first to what his pal of late had finished with translate

The experiment of which he volunteered as guinea pig translate

This brilliant scientist who teaches at the university translate

Believes his work can free the minds of those who feel that person’lly

Their fear defers their need to physically exceed their limits translate

With a loss of inhibition and an awesome gift of fitness translate

Biochemistry is well beyond his grasp but grips the basics translate

‘though concerned with minor side affects, a catch he might be faced with

Something aches him, a hunger for release from this infinity translate

Of sick extremities in men he sees, the end he seeks translate

Wishing to scale an edifice and soar below to render this translate

True darkness from the light of life but fear’s preventing it

His friend is blissfully ignorant of this morbid contemplation translate

Hidden from the truth like clouds covering constellations translate

On the same tip, Aziz hasn’t told him what this drug’ll do

To one uncomfortable with inner demons eating up and through translate

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با ما متن تمام آهنگ ها را داشته باشید

As far as he knows, everything’s fine with our protagonist

Unaware to all inherent torture pain and agony translate

So naturally like everything in life he’ll take his chances quick

He’ll look the devil in the eye with pride and slyly dance with him

Taking the train ’cause he’d rather see the blackness than the view

Of men who’re ill and blue with filthy shoes who *** for food

Where children brood. Silly rules compulsively obsessed over translate

Next stop he’ll have to go up from this blackened masking tour of the city

Breathing its air again, seeing its careful blend translate

Of pushing people, good and evil, who’re speeding through weary winds

Perceiving him arrogant a priest excretes a glare at him translate

And very grimly walks away with his boy, “must be taking care of him”

Some pigeons leap like serraphim fleeing from under him translate

Others’ gluttonous stubbornness leave them bustling for crumbs of bread

Hungry but fed ignoring growls and scowls from human flock translate

At the welcome mat of destiny lowers his music box translate

(Intercom buzzer) “Who?” “It’s me” (Intercom buzzes) and thus he steps through

Inside the vestibule his flesh consumed by almost breathless swoon translate

Before him, white walls and tiles lace the corridor translate

His horrors more repressed, somewhat bereft but moving forwarder translate

Towards a door in back an inch ajar perhaps an inch too far translate

And nudges it seeing his goggled friend with tongs pinching jars translate

Bubbling substances in aisled viles cross a granite counter translate

Past some random flowers and a tower of outlandish powders translate

“The man of the hour”. Breathes Aziz below his lifting lenses

The tone of this gifted chemist suggesting his fresh agenda translate

Next to them a couple stools, ‘though swivel chairs breed comfort better

‘s retinae’s peripheral compares some cream colored leather

Half-reclined with cushioned armrests and glass with alley view translate

Fantasizingly stepping forth, Aziz retorts: “Yeah, that’s for you

Hey listen we should touch quick base on this serum’s theory”

Barely hearing clearly he nods, shaken by dreary feelings translate

“As you know it’s like adrenaline and works like steroids of sorts”

Devoid of thought, he blankly stares with lying eyes, the boy is lost translate

“If you’re at all unstable mentally this can be dangerous”

His brain a mess, breaking from distractive dreams he feigns a yes translate

“alright bud, I’m gonna have to strap you in this seat securely”

He retreating thor’ly bleeds a curdling drop asleep too early

Slight cringe when the syringe goes in within some dreamy show translate

The gleaming glow of his only love seeming serene as snow translate

متن آهنگ Simple Happiness از Tony Chen

“Shelly” so elegantly swelling in his flustered heart

Dancing to her own song alone inside her lush apartment translate

Sensing mood music through her face’s warm expression

Joy in happiness, he imagines the greatest composition translate

Laughing with her, from a distance, but still somehow connected translate

Retrospecter of a better time, forever mine, but never translate

Mind shifting to her shadowed corner, “Wait, no, what’s that upon her”

Nastily disfigured horrendous creatures attack, her arms de- translate

-tached from sockets, gasps, he watches and cries the lowest mutter translate

Witnessing her slowly smothered, then the monsters close the shutters translate

“No you mother-!” Gut wrenching burst of pain revokes his slumber

There stands his friend, another with that same glowing color translate

Throws his brother, crashing into shelves crushing computers translate

Rushing uber fast he smashes through the window something super translate

Jumping middle sky, he notices a quiet hooded cloak with eyes translate

Watching from above, he latches on a fire escape and climbs translate

Skipping flight with simple pull and *** motions he now plateaus translate

Scans his glum horizon, one surprise is “where’d that one guy go?

Focus, Shell' I’ll be there soon”. Proceeds in full sprint

Tippy toeing over reddish shingles, breeze just pulls him. “Please be ok”

Feeling her warmness close, lured by her soul’s blazing

Lull of comfort, ‘though not dwindling, still nothing of her

Slow re-kindling, a touch of summer, faintly glimmering translate

Now quaintly shimmering, illuminous, no pain she sings again translate

Her truest love, sighed relied, unwinding lets his mind release translate

Spies the feet of greyish beings, dismayish feelings, his eyes retreat translate

To his hands of that same complexion, “Nay it couldn’t be

I’m plagued with the worst disease, I hope I didn’t hurt Aziz”

Of her he sees the light, when of himself but slightly brightening translate

Heightening to the building’s ledge, its edge no longer frightening

Inside of him a hidden strength brews now at a harsh boil translate

Gargoyle at his side, pushing off it down some yards he coils translate

Spins and swings to see the cinder fangs of that grinning thing translate

Whirring past to boast its wingspan it turns and winks at him translate

Snags it by the tail “I will prevail” He flings it effortlessly

‘gainst the wall, exploding chunks of brick rain like hail and fall

With ground a half a dozen meters close he grabs a lightpost translate

And one eighty catapults himself, the city night’s ghost

I’m saved, I’m not afraid

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